Our previous and current projects


JAQK RUSH (in development)

Begin your journey to the Wild West with JAQK Rush, a free game that is impossible to turn down. Try to select five cards from the deck and try to build the best poker hands. Build up a highest score with a specific number of moves and gather coins. You are welcome to go on your journey or beat your friends. Fun and excitement like never before! The game will be free for download with virtual currency, and in-app purchase. JAQK Rush is currently in open beta….Go play the game and tell us what you think.


Simple one-tap control game. Your goal is to clear all the balls. Just tap when a ball is exactly above an air hole. Sounds easy? Test your gaming reflexes to find out.




You are Luppe, a 16 years old boy and head of the biggest gang of street urchins in the town of Riathon. You consider yourself to be the “king of thieves” and no one can doubt your stealth skills.
One day Ricko, your biggest rival and head of an enemy gang, challenges you in front of all your followers. This is something you cannot defy. You have to accept the challenge and successfully complete it for the sake of your reputation.

Ricko must not win!